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Rui Ding biology is headquartered in Shanghai, and has an e-commerce center in Weifang, Shandong. It has R & D center, sales department, marketing department and foreign trade department in Shanghai. Is a professional engaged in laboratory life science and chemical products research and development, production of high-tech enterprises. The company is committed to providing laboratory services for Chinese universities, research institutes, pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises, providing high-quality organic synthesis chemical reagents, packaging materials, intermediates, biochemical reagents and molecular biological reagents with RED as its main brand. At present, the company has three chemical synthesis laboratories, one chemical analysis laboratory and two reagent packaging workshops which meet the GMP standard.

RED chemistry knows that "quality, service and innovation" is the life of an enterprise. The company has a special quality management team and has established a strict quality management system. Every product's raw material source, production process and factory quality inspection can be effectively recorded and strictly controlled. In the service, RED chemical introduced the industry's most advanced ERP system and customer information management system (CRM), the use of information and automation management customer service team, so that every customer can appreciate the chemical RED full range of personalized service in process of consulting, ordering and customer service in service.

RED chemistry pays great attention to the cultivation of enterprise culture, and actively strengthens the introduction of excellent talents and the training of employees. So far, the company's management team has more than 5 years of experience in multinational companies and well-known domestic enterprises. The R & D department has brought together a group of young people with master's and PhD qualifications and love for scientific research. RED chemistry believes that teamwork spirit can produce the greatest cohesion. Under the efforts of all staff of RED chemistry, we will become the leading chemical and life science product manufacturer in China and even in the world.
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